I guess I just miss my friends...
A little video I did with The Hook
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Morgan Freeman reviews Game of Thrones Season 1 through to Season 8

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Rough transcript:

Well, that was something wasn’t it
Those of us who are really into game of thrones talk about it often, my god, some of the stuff they pulled. I guess I’m just going to miss my friends.


My look how young they were.

(Ned Stark beheading) Young and alive

Season two, well… (trail off)

Season 3, a season that can only be remembered for three things, the Red Wedding, red wedding reactions, and red wedding reactions, reactions (Clips get less or more animated as they go through)

just two shades along the wedding palette, Season 4 gave us the purple wedding, never have I so celebrated the death of a child, Now I must admit I didn’t think much of Tyrion Lannister when he first showed up at the Red Keep prison, but he managed to escape with nothing but a varys and a small wooden box damn near worn down to the nub

Sometimes in the summer of 2015 it made me sad though, Jon snow being dead, but then I had to remind myself that the red woman was at castle black, and that some Jon Snows just aren’t meant to be dead.

Season 6 was great for a number of reasons, this bit really got me (which bit shall we use here?) even though it was all just a bit too back to the future. And the battle of the bastards, well nothing more satisfying than seeing ramsay Bolton get what was coming to him.

And in season 7, although Danaerys knew the night king was an Olympic dressage champion (Shot of him on the horse), she wasn’t aware that those skills would translate to the javelin (Shot of killing the dragon)

And the final season, started like an episode of Jerry Springer or Jeremy Kyle, Jon Snow getting this live paternity test (Sam telling Jon) and then it all just kicked off (Jon and Danerys arguing) and finally, the battle of Winterfell, nearly 10 years of build up. Really was something, It’s fair to say the bits I could see blew my mind. And to sum it all up the night king got killed by no one, no one who apparently can also leap 10 times the long jump world record. But we’ll let that slide. Wish he’d killed off that little creepy raven boy though. But you can’t always get what you want in life.

And lest we forget those we lost along the way:

(Robert Baratheon) Henry the eighth
(Khal Drogo) Callum Drogo
(Ned Stark) Sean Bean, obviously
(Jaime) Jaime Lannisters hand
(Robb) The Bodyguard
(Catelyn) Jon Snow’s stepmom but not really
(Joffrey) Owen Wilson Junior
(Aemon Targaryen) Everyones great gran
(Oberyn) Please Stop Showboating
(Jon Snow) Can I get a funeral refund
(Dolorous Edd) This guy
(Theon) and possibly the stupidest man who ever lived
And lot’s more, but strangely none at the battle of winterfell

It was mostly really great.
I hope the spinoffs will be just as good.
I hope.