2020 Toyota Supra Track Driving Review, Acceleration and Reaction: Chasing Nissan 370Z!

First track day with the 2020 Toyota Supra! Such an amazing car to be on the race track with!

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Today was a ton of fun out at Virginia International Raceway with my 2020 Toyota Supra! It is so much fun getting out on VIR and doing some laps with my car! I brought my 2020 Supra to the track and was blown away with how fun it was doing spirited laps around the race track.

The new Supra is amazing on the racetrack with plenty of power to get out of turns and up to 140 MPH easy. Turning and braking is amazing and it was super easy to pin point the car in any direction. I really enjoyed driving the Supra on the race track! I wouldn't mind the car having a 'track' mode that actually took away the exhaust pops. While they sound awesome around town, it does get a little annoying on the track.

Also the new Supra needs some sort of suspension mod to make high speed stability better. It's definitely very good. But the font feels a bit floaty at times.

Overall tho, driving my brand new 2020 A90 MK5 Supra out on the track was an amazing experience and the car is awesome!

The group I was in had many 370Z's, Corvettes and M cars! The Z in front of me was doing very well and taking the turns like a pro. While both cars handle similar, the Supra could easily pull on the 370Z in the straights du to the extra power. Very cool getting to hit the track alongside the Z!

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