FATE OF THE FURIOUS (2017) MOVIE REVIEW Double Toasted Review

FATE OF THE FURIOUS (2017) MOVIE REVIEW - The Fast and Furious cast is back! Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Vin Diesel are practically superheroes now. It's the same 'ol song and dance and with Fast and Furious 7 not being much of a disappointment coupled with the loss of Paul Walker, there was a lot of speculation on whether or not the quality of this franchise was going to suffer and now it's time to find out! Some of the DT cast have seen all the movies leading up to now, and others (Ahem, Coleman!) haven't paid attention since Fast and Furious 3, but it's time to step up to the plate! You've seen the trailer reactions, you've stayed alongside this franchise since Fast and Furious 2, it's time to find out: Is this movie worth your time! Let the Double Toasted podcast take you on a ride in this funny video!

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